Multi Academy Trusts are governed through their Articles of Association.



Trust Structure


The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust Structure:


All academies within the Trust have a Local Governing Body. The Local Governing Body is a Committee of the Board of Trustees and has delegated decision making powers in accordance with the Trust Scheme of Delegation. It is the Board of Trustees, however, that in all cases remains accountable in law.


Responsibilities of the Local Governing Body include:

· Building an understanding of how the school is led and managed

· Monitoring whether the school is:


  1. Working within agreed policies

  2. Meeting statutory requirements

  3. Is meeting the agreed targets

  4. Managing its finances well


· Reporting to the board


Board of Trustees


The Trustees are responsible for the general control, administration and management of the Trust in accordance with the provisions set out in the memorandum and articles of association. The Board of Trustees is the accountable body for the performance of all schools within the Trust

Please click on this linkto see the current Trustees of the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust:


Terms of Reference


Click here to download TWMAT's Terms of Reference for the Local Governing Body


Scheme of Delegation


Please click on this link to download the TWMAT’s Scheme of Delegation:


Exwick Heights Local Governing Body


Chair of Governors:

Mrs Anne Parsons Brice

c/o Exwick Heights Primary School

Exwick Lane