Lunch / Snacks


Under a DFES scheme KS1 children are provided with free fruit during the day, so they have an opportunity to eat a healthy snack. The children in the juniors are encouraged to bring fruit for a mid-morning snack.

Children are encouraged to bring water to school, in a proper water bottle, for use during the day. Alternatively, water is available throughout the day. If your child brings a drink to school to have with their lunch, it is essential it is non-fizzy and in a plastic bottle.

Packed Lunches
Please make sure that any lunch box or bag is NAMED (no tins, or glass bottles, please). We would also appreciate it if you do not give your child peanut butter sandwiches. We have an increasing number of children in the school with severe peanut allergies.

Please do not give your child too much food. He or she will bring home any left over food, so please adjust the amount accordingly. We encourage healthy eating at school, consequently we do not allow children to bring fizzy drinks and sweets including chocolate bars (biscuit based bars are permitted, eg Penguin etc.)

School Meals
School meals are prepared on the premises. They are of a high standard and we try to encourage as many children to stay as possible. There is a daily choice of a main meal, vegetarian alternative or a jacket potato.

The price per day is £2.50

Money for school meals must be paid in advance. Tickets for school dinners can be purchased on a Monday from the school office. It is possible to buy tickets termly in advance if required. Cheques should be payable to TWMAT.
This helps the Catering Staff in their planning and avoids waste.

Free School Meals are available to all pupils in Reception, Year 1, Year 2.


From Year 3 onwards, certain children are entitled to free school meals. To see if you are eligible, please visit:

School Dinner Menu

School Dinner Arrangements from September 2014