School Day KS2



Access to all playgrounds is from 8.30am with the exception of those children attending Playclub. The formal school day starts at 8.50am but the classroom doors open at 8.40am.

Year 3,4,5
Children in Yr 3, 4, 5 are strongly encouraged to go into class at 8.40am to engage in the ‘Early Morning  Work’.   If they choose to stay out on the playground until the bell is rung at 8.50am, they must go into class promptly at this time. Where children have home learning to finish or require additional support,  parents will be informed and the children will expected to undertake the Early Morning Work’ on arrival.

Year 6  
Yr 6 pupils have their own playground and suite of classrooms at the front of the school. They are expected to make their way directly to their own area; they are not permitted to congregate on the lower playground. Yr 6 access the Yr 6 suite on arrival from 8.40am where ‘early morning’ work will already be set.  

At the end of the day, all Key Stage 2 pupils are dismissed by their teachers from the classroom doors  onto the playgrounds. All teachers are available to parents at this time.