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Behaviour Curriculum 2024 - 2025

Exwick Heights Primary School encourages good behaviour through high expectations, clear policy and an ethos which ensures students show pride in their conduct and learning by making positive behaviour choices. Exwick Heights has a comprehensive package of rewards to reinforce and praise good behaviour with clear sanctions for those who do not make positive choices as set out in the Positive Behaviour Management Policy. This Policy aims to outline the measures by which the School aims to promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect; prevent bullying; ensure that students complete work to a high standard; and to ensure Exwick Heights is a place where all feel safe and connected. The commitment of staff, students and parents is vital to develop a positive school environment and ethos. Exwick Height’s Positive Behaviour Management Policy applies to all students and any time a student is recognisable as an Exwick Heights student in the community and online.

The aims of the behaviour curriculum is to support academic excellence

  • To support students taking pride in their behaviour, so that there is a culture of safe and respectful aspirational learning everywhere in the School with no learning opportunity wasted.
  • To provide clarity for staff, students and the community about acceptable behaviour and enable the creation of strong and positive relationships to promote high standards of attainment.
  • To encourage students to make safe behaviour and learning choices and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • To enable teachers to deliver engaging and creative lessons, for pupils to show determination and make aspirational choices, in a safe and secure environment.

Teaching the Curriculum

Good behaviours are explicitly modelled, taught and regularly refreshed to ensure all pupils understand the expectations of them. The Exwick Heights Primary School learning behaviour and expectations set out clear routines for behaviours for learning and standards so that we have a shared and consistent language of expectations across the School.

The curriculum is taught explicitly during the first week in Autumn term alongside the traditional National Curriculum subjects and it is reviewed.

Children should learn the content of the curriculum so that they can recall the information and act upon it. At the start of each term, the Exwick Heights learning behaviours curriculum is revisited with pupils and will continue to be reinforced throughout the year.

Teachers will also demonstrate these behaviours and ensure pupils have many opportunities to practise these (particularly in the first few days of term). It is expected that all pupils will know this content and this will be supported with video exemplification for the children.